Constitutional & Government Basics Email Course

The Constitutional and Government Basics email course is free. Lessons will be mailed out once per week. Those who finish the course will receive a certificate of completion from Republic USA. There are no tests to return, the course operates on the honor system, however, there are self test questions at the end of each lesson for those who wish to take them, and for homeschoolers who are taking this course as a part of their Civics requirements.

This course deals mainly with the philosophies behind, and the foundation of, our Constitution and our Government. It does not seek to answer every question, nor address every issue, it is designed for those who have a limited level of knowledge regarding these truths, and as a refresher for others. The course is currently being updated and supplemented, so only a partial syllabus is available:

The Origin of Rights & Purpose of Government

The Origin of Rights & Purpose of Government Part Two

The Second Amendment & the Bill of Rights

Republics & Democracies

Rights & Their Exercise

The Purpose of Government Part Three

The Purpose of Government Part Four

Jury Rights

Constitutional Overview

Summary & Conclusion

If you wish to subscribe to the next class, send an email to (that is ll for local link), and put Subscribe in the subject line. Your address will then be added to the next scheduled class.